Ticket sales are conducted by Statens museer for världskultur/Världskulturmuseerna, henceforth the Museums of World Culture.

Organization number: 202100-5075

Contact information:

Phone: +46 10-456 12 99 (weekdays 10.00-16.00)

If you have any requests regarding your on-line booking or purchase, please contact us on email: biljetter.stockholm@varldskulturmuseerna.se (state your name, email address and inquiry).

Visiting address: The museum of Ethnography, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Stockholm

Bus 69, stop: Museiparken

In order for you to buy electronic ticket(s), henceforth ticket(s), ticket or tickets, from the Museums of World Culture we need some personal information. By completing your purchase, you authorize us to collect and store data needed for your purchase and you hereby give your consent for us to do so.

These terms of purchase are translated into English. The terms are originally stipulated and written in Swedish. If the English translation differs from the original one in Swedish, the original version in Swedish will prevail.


The Museums of World Culture sell ticket(s) through the ticket-platform Biljetto for different programmes such as lectures, workshops, festivals, and so forth. These activities may be on location or in a digital format online. No other costs are added to the ticket price, unless informed of upon purchase. If sales tax is included this is stated on the ticket(s) and/or receipt.

The person who made the purchase is regarded as the point of contact and is the person notified of any eventual changes of said purchase. As the point of contact you are responsible for providing a correct contact info as changes afterwards cannot be made. If you buy multiple tickets at the same time, all tickets will be emailed to you in your role as the point of contact.

Lost, or not found, tickets are not replaced.

Tickets are non-shareable. Ticket for more than one person, are to be used for access at the same time to the location, for said number of persons.

Tickets may not be sold onwards. The Museums of World Culture reserve the right to deny entrance to those who has bought ticket(s) by a third party.

A ticket does not give you the right to bypass an eventual queue into the museum building or into a temporary exhibition if this has not been communicated at the time of purchase.

Participants to programmes free of charge need to book a free ticket to take part in said event.


Ticket prices vary depending on type of programme/event. Prices on the website are in the Swedish Krona, SEK. If sales tax is included this is shown on the ticket/receipt.

Repurchases, refunds and cancellation of programmes/events

Repurchases are not allowed, unless stated so at the time of purchase. With the support of the Swedish Law of distance contracts and agreements outside of business premises (2005:59, 2:11 twelfth point) repurchases are not allowed nor is the right of withdrawal of full, or parts, of e-tickets sold through this website.

Repurchases are only allowed with the presentation of a medical opinion or a certification of similar character. Repurchases are only made to the point of contact of the e-ticket(s). No extra fees are added when repurchasing, unless stated it will be beforehand. If tickets have been bought to different programs/events at the time of purchase, repurchasing is valid for that part of the ticket affected by a presented medical opinion. The Museums of World Culture may need to contact you for additional information for the repurchasing to go through.

If you have bought the ticket(s) as a gift to another person, the right to repurchase is transferred onto said person, if a valid medical opinion can be presented. You may be involved in the matter as a refund is made to the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase.

If a course containing several occasions needs to be cancelled after its commencement, the Museums of World Culture will refund a proportional part of the course fee corresponding to the part of the course that has not yet taken place.

If a complete programme, or course, is cancelled the Museums of World Culture will refund the entire amount or reschedule the programme to another date.

The Museums of World Culture holds the right to cancel a programme activity if the number of participants are considered too few. This number may differ per programme.

Collection of data

Personal data is information needed to identify you, for example name, email, phone number, etc. With your consent, data is collected, stored and managed by The Museums of World Culture, or by a third party authorized by us, when you buy your ticket(s).

User data is personal data identifying the user along with the information about the services the user is using at The Museums of World Culture. It may for example be your IP address. The data is collected to make it possible for you to buy your ticket(s).

Use of data

The Museums of World Culture does not save credit/debit card numbers anywhere, this is managed by a third party authorized by us. Encryption is done by SSL. For more information concerning your transactions, please contact payex.se.

The Museums of World Culture uses personal data to communicate with you about your purchase. Among other things, by allowing a third party authorized by us, to perform technical or logistic services such as delivery of e-tickets or verification of card numbers.

The Museums of World Culture may also use this information to send you surveys about our programs, or to inform you about our activities.

Forwarding of personal data to a third party

Your personal data will only be sent to a third party to carry out the necessary payment transaction/business transaction with our partners.

Data protection agent

If you have questions about how The Museums of World Culture is handling your personal data, please contact dataskyddsombud@varldskulturmuseerna.se.


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Protection against spam

The Museums of World Culture ensure you that we will only use your email address and/or phone number for the purposes stated in the terms. We will not sell your email address or phone number to any other party. To the best of our knowledge, we will try to protect your email address from web crawlers and web spiders. If you believe your email address have been stored in such way, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately.